First Winbak Foal by Betterthancheddar Has Arrived

by Elizabeth Cheesman

As the new year begins, so does foaling season at Winbak Farm. This year the farm is expecting around 300 foals that will be eligible to rich stakes programs in Delaware, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

For the second year in a row, a filly was the first to be born. This year, the first to arrive was a Muscles Yankee filly out of the mare Call Me Hazel (sired by Call Toll Free), 1:57.2f ($57,916). She was born on January 17th. The filly is a half-sister to Delaware Stakes standouts, Starlit Eyes, 3, 1:58.3f ($149,680), The Felton Queen, 1:58.2f ($114,238), and Call Me Hal, 3, 1:58h -’14 ($90,627). Call Me Hazel is a half-sister to Scorpion Moon, 1:52.3s ($952,041). This filly is the first crop of Muscles Yankee foals to be eligible in the rich New York program.

Second to arrive, 9 days later was a Vintage Master filly from the mare Santino’s Rosa (sired by The Panderosa), p, 1:50.3 ($166,827).  The filly was born on January 26th. Santino’s Rosa is a full-sister to San Antony O, p, 1:52f ($348,996), and Yankees In Seven, p, 1:52.3h ($280,868). This filly will be Ontario-eligible. Vintage Master’s first crop are now two and preparing for stakes action in 2015.

The third to arrive was a Betterthancheddar filly from the mare Lilli Maid (sired by Christian Cullen). The filly was born on January 27th. This is the first year for North American foals from Betterthancheddar. His foals from the southern hemisphere are getting great reviews. Lilli Maid is a half-sister to Western Expression, p, 1:51.2f ($192,751), and Little Michael B, p, 1:50f ($169,477). This filly will be New York eligible. He is now standing at Winbak Farm of Ontario.

The fourth to arrive was an Artiscape colt from Latin Liftoff (sired by Shotgun Scott) p, 3, Q1:57.4f. The colt was born on January 28th and is a half-brother to Battle of Waterloo Elimination Winner, Steady Warrior, p, 3, 1:52.1s -’14($144,156). Latin Liftoff is a half-sister to Spring Break, p, 3, 1:50.3z ($787,057). This colt will be New York-eligible.

Those interested in learning more about Winbak Farm, including information about the stallions, should or call 410.885.3059. To see pictures of the foals born this year, be sure to follow @WinbakFarm on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

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