Stallion Interview: Ponder

This is a start of a new series, “interviewing” horses from some of the top farms around the country to learn more about their life.

With lifetime earnings of$1,522,936, Ponder paced 1:48.1 as a 5 year old and notched wins at the Canadian Pacing Derby, Winbak Pace and US Pacing Championship. Now retired to stud, his foals including Thinking Out Loud, Bolt The Duer and Go Daddy Go among others have earned almost $11 million and counting. We asked him about what it’s like to be a stud and who his favorite people are at Diamond Creek Farm.

Tell us a little about your personality and what sets you apart from the other stallions on the farm.

I am old school. Frankly, I am the best and I know it. These young guns come in here all full of themselves and quickly learn they need to show some respect to the senior stallion.

Do you have a favorite person on the farm?

Rachel, who handles all my paperwork, is the only one in this place who seems to realized that I am naturally big boned and that this diet food is for the birds. She slips me some mints now and then on the downlow.

What’s your daily routine like?

Wake up early, quick snack, go outside to keep an eye on my herd. Maybe take a few laps on the fence line with Father Patrick, trying to give the kid some pointers, you know, quick bath and then off to bed.

What are the best qualities that you pass on to your foals?

My brute strength and speed.

Be honest, do you have a favorite?

I have to say Thinking Out Loud sure gave my stablemate here, Sweet Lou, a hard time. Chip off the ole block that one. Taught him everything he knows.

What do you miss most about your racing career?

The adrenaline, the rush of crossing the finish line…those were the glory days. In those days we knew how to win a race.

What is your favorite thing to do to pass the down time between breeding seasons?

Never a down moment for me, I try and keep my eagle eye on the farm at all times. I do like to stay in shape and keep the old machine oiled,  so I do enjoy the occasional ride around my paddock with Israel, my groom.

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