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When I hear “Little Brown Jug”, I think of messy hair, don’t care. The Jug is known for bringing your camper, chillin out, and hanging out with your fellow harness racing fans. Since you’ll be chillin out, the attire is chill too.



The Little Brown Jug is a long day of racing so to enjoy it, you want to be comfortable. Girls can sport a tank top, even of your favorite sports team, with some cut off jean shorts or jeans. It is typically still pretty hot on Jug Day, so shorts will most likely be your best bet. The weather will be bringing the heat, so don’t forget your sunscreen! A small, neutral wristlet to keep your belongings in is perfect to keep some extra hair bands and even a headband if you want to stay cool with a cute pony and knotted headband. To top off the outfit (or should I say bottom off), a pair of low-cut Converse are cute and comfy for Jug Day!

Women Jug - chill


When it comes to the guys, putting together a chill look can be pretty simple. A pair of khaki shorts with a plain t-shirt and some casual Sperrys go together great to create a simple look. Throw on some shades and you’re good to go! Oh, and don’t forget to stay hydrated! It is known for being a long and hot day.
Men Jug Chill


Ladies, I know that dressing up a bit makes you look and feel good. If you want to wear a sundress (so comfy), go for it! An above the knee sundress is a perfect dress for this occasion since it is there is no upkeep. You can just throw it on and go! This kind of dress can also keep you cool on a hot day. Pair the dress with some strappy sandals and a neutral over the shoulder bag for an effortless, sweet look. If you’re a jewelry girl, add a simple but still chic necklace to add some detail. And we all know that your Snapchat story will be overloaded that day so don’t forget your portable charger to keep your smartphone alive.
Women Dress to Impress Jug


Just like the chill look, dressing to impress for a guy is also quite the easy task. The khaki chino shorts could also work but if you want to add some color, wear a pair of colored shorts for that typical racetrack style. Top it with a short sleeve button up that will keep you feeling and looking cool. Any color boat shoe or casual shoe can go with this outfit, depending on your preference. To give it a more fancy look, throw on some sleek shades and a flashy (but not too flashy watch). It will be a long day so make sure you grab an iced coffee in the morning. You are Little Brown Jug ready!
Men Dress to Impress Jug


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