Learn Harness Training Techniques In The Latest “Fika with Jonas”

Jonas Czernyson shares his passion for training in the fourth edition of Fika with Jonas, aring on YouTube.

In this episode, Czernyson walks you through the steps of training, beginning with the first time you put a harness on a younger horse, teaching manners to yearlings, and the other methods of preparing young Standardbreds for becoming racehorses.

Additionally, Czernyson answers your questions from previous episodes, including ones on the use of pressure carts and interval training.

Fika is the Swedish word for a coffee break, and Swedish-born trainer Jonas Czernyson, who is stabled at Winners Training Center in Chesterfield, N.J., is the star of the monthly series produced by Cody Bach Productions.

Curious to learn more? Share your questions and comments with Christine and Jonas Czernyson through the Team JC Stable page on Facebook, @teamjcstable on Twitter or by e-mail to info@teamjc.net.

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