Hoosier Park offers drivers the chance to dream big

Anderson, IN — Continuing upon the successes of the second edition in 2015, Hoosier Park Racing & Casino is proud to announce the third annual All-Star Drivers Series for the 2016 harness racing season.2016-AllStarDriverLogo

The 2016 All-Star Drivers Series will pit the top 10 drivers at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino against one another in a five-race challenge not once, but twice, throughout the season with the champion driver winning a dream prize of their choice, a $10,000 cash prize, an exotic vacation, or their favorite “always wanted to have” toy.

“When we embarked upon the Drivers Challenge two years ago we knew we were going down a road that had yet to be traveled,” Hoosier Park’s Vice President and General Manager of Racing Rick Moore said. “Would the format that we chose work or would we need to rethink the way drivers drafted their horses?

“Well, the answer to that question was that the format was a resounding success as witnessed by the wild and unpredictable outcome of the last two years of competition. We appreciate all of our drivers at Hoosier Park and are excited that the 2016 All-Star Drivers Challenge will not only highlight their talents but also give them a chance to win a dream prize.”

In the first of the two challenges, the top 10 drivers will compete in a five-race competition on Saturday (July 23) for their share of $5,000. The winning driver will take home a check for $3,000 for top honors while the second place driver will earn $1,500 and the third place driver $500.

The rankings will be based on number of wins at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino as of Saturday (July 16). The drivers will pick their horses via a draft system to be held in the following order:

  • 1st race: Number 1 ranked driver picks first, number 2 picks second, etc.
  • 2nd race: Number 10 ranked driver picks first, number 9 picks second, etc.
  • 3rd race: Same as first race
  • 4th race: Same as second race
  • 5th race: Same as first race


The top eight finishers from Round 1 will return for Round 2 on Saturday (Oct. 22) with the final two positions being determined by the official Hoosier Park standings at the conclusion of racing on Saturday (Oct. 15).

While the second go-round will be conducted in the same manner as the first, the winner of the final challenge will not only be crowned the champion of the 2016 All-Star Drivers series but also have their choice of a dream prize.

Jason Dillander took home top honors in last year’s edition of the All-Star Drivers series. Dillander won the final round of the challenge by a narrow margin and was awarded a Hawaiian vacation for four, a prize valued at $15,000.

“I’m definitely excited,” Dillander said. “I thought it would be hard to top a vacation but giving the drivers a chance to choose their prize is really cool. We have a lot of fun with this every year and kudos to everyone at Hoosier Park for bringing it back again this year. Of course, I hope I win it.”

Qualifying for the 2016 All-Star Drivers Series began on Friday (April 1) and continued through Saturday (July 16) for Round 1. Each of the drafts will take place at a community luncheon to be held at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino. For more information on the 2016 All-Star Drivers Series, please visit Hoosier Park’s website.

Live racing at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino will follow a Tuesday through Saturday schedule throughout the remainder of the meet. With a daily post time of 5:45 p.m., live racing will be conducted through Nov. 12. For more information on the upcoming entertainment and live racing schedule, please visit www.hoosierpark.com.


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