GoFundMe: Fire Support ‘Incredible’

original story published on Standardbred Canada

It has been shown time and time again that support pours in when harness racing industry participants are in need. The industry itself is well aware of it, but now officials at GoFundMe are seeing horse racing’s generosity first hand.

It has taken just seven days for the official GoFundMe page that was set up to help those decimated by thetragic barn fire at Classy Lane Training Centre to pass the $224,000 mark in donations.

The Central Ontario Standardbred Association set up the page (for complete info, click here) and the support has, obviously, been enormous – in so much that officials with GoFundMe are overwhelmed with the response that they have seen to the initiative.

GoFundMe officials have told Trot Insider that the official barn fire fund is currently among the top five most successful GoFundMe campaigns in Canada’s history.

“The fire that took place at the Classy Lane Stables is beyond heartbreaking. It is incredible to see the sheer amount of support that has taken place on the GoFundMe campaign,” said GoFundMe’s media director, Kelsea Little. “The GoFundMe Team is thinking of all those affected during this incredibly difficult time.”

In addition to the GoFundMe account, individuals associated with all aspects of the horse racing industry have stepped forward with many other initiatives. To read more about some of those initiatives, click the associated links which appear below.

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