In The Barn With Bedroom Confessions

Ever wonder what goes on in the everyday lives of some of racing’s biggest winners? Hoof Beats stops by the barn to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of some of racing’s most successful horses. This month: BEDROOMCONFESSIONS


Photo via Alagna Racing

Bedroomconfessions, the 5-year-old mare out of American Ideal – Turnoffthelights, has been turning heads after winning two consecutive Open races at Yonkers Raceway. She is owned by Riverview Racing LLC and Alagna Racing LLC and was bred by Riverview Farms, Tony Alagna, and Minisink Farms LLC.

Trainer Tony Alagna said that Bedroomconfession’s day starts at 5 a.m. with a breakfast of Race 13 feed from Hallway Feeds. Afterward, she’ll head out to the paddock at 6:30 a.m. for an hour and a half, then return to the barn before going out to jog.

“My mom, Donna Lee Ozment, jogs Bedroomconfessions the majority of the time,” Alagna said.

After jogging, she’s turned out at 10:30 a.m. Then she uses the Theraplate (a physical therapy machine that helps horses stay sound), gets brushed and is put away for the day.

Alagna said Bedroomconfessions is friendly, and described how she’s always poking her head out of the stall when there are visitors.

“She’s just a very, very pleasant mare,” he said. “You’d never know she’s around; she’s just very quiet and has a very good personality.”

Groom Kenny Ellis elaborated on her personality.

“If she was to be personified, she’s very much a people person,” Ellis said. “When people do a barn tour, people will always stop at her. She’ll snuggle and take pictures all day. She’d rather be with a group than hanging out at the back of her stall.”

When not training or playing with visitors, Bedroomconfessions’ free time is split between sleeping and spending time outside.

“She just lives outside,” Ellis said. “If we’re not racing and the weather is good, I’ll let her out again. Otherwise, she’s back in her stall snoring away.”

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