Tips and Tricks from the Professionals

The USTA teamed up with trainer Casie Coleman and caretaker Nadine Bell to demonstrate the typical day-to-day upkeep in the paddock and at the racetrack. The series is called “Tack to Tracks” and includes educational video for anyone interested or involved in the industry.

The first video features the process of wrapping horse’s legs, including the do’s and don’ts and proper technique. As Nadine wraps the horse’s legs, Casie explains what exactly she is doing while adding tips and tricks to successfully wrap a horse’s legs.

The second video features how to properly bathe a horse after a training session or a race. Nadine washes the horse in a careful but efficient way as Casie gives some helpful advice on keeping the horse content as they get cleaned up after being active.

Stay up to date on the “Tack to Tracks” videos by subscribing to the USTA’s YouTube channel.

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