2015 Post Time with Mike and Mike Award Winners

by Michael Carter

cover photo by Michael Burns

Post Time with Mike and Mike are proud to announce the winners for the 2015 Post Time with Mike and Mike harness racing awards. The winners were announced on the New Years’ Eve broadcast and will be presented with a Framed Certificate from the show. The vote totals along with the winners are listed below.

Race Call of the Year:  
Roger Huston: 235
Ayers Ratliff: 57
James Witherite: 51
Ken Middleton: 44
Ken Warkentin: 34
Pete Medhurst: 31
Sam McKee: 60


Iron Horse of the Year:
Casanova Lindy: 166
My Fella: 142
Activator: 83

Albert Chief: 62

Move On: 45


Small Stable of the Year:

Larry Rheinheimer: 126

Ian Moore: 100

James Clouser Jr.: 49

JD Perrin: 67

Joanne Looney-King: 104

Mickey/Cheryl McGivern: 95


Horse Woman of the Year:

Hannah Miller: 233

Emily Gaskin: 82

Joanne Looney-King: 107

Maria Rice: 92

Vicky Desmoer: 75


Race Fan of the Year:

Albert Nash: 242

Steve/Charlie Conway: 26

Ted Barcus: 52

The Manager: 129

Tom Dubrick: 96


Upset of the Year:
Wakizashi Hanover: 207
Dealt A Winner: 117
Hemi Seelster: 41

Jada Queen: 101

Rockin In Heaven: 54

Post Time with Mike and Mike would like to thank everyone who took the time out to make their voices heard and we hope to have another successful turnout next year.
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