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As racing season ramps up, so too it seems has the creativity of horsemen around the world. This past week has seen the debut of three videos showcasing the beauty and different aspects at the harness racing life. Capturing the excitement and passion drivers, trainers, breeders, grooms and owners bring to the sport in a short video can seem like a tall task, but these videos spotlight different parts of what makes the sport fantastic.

Debuting a long form version of a reel that has started to be featured by tracks around the country, we worked with talented photographers, editors and film crews to promote the sport. To capture the excitement of the races, we enlisted some of the top drivers in the sport to wear GoPro cameras on their helmets and chest as they raced, placed photographers in the starting car and even got a little muddy in the paddocks as we chatted with grooms and trainers. This is just the first of videos to come celebrating harness racing and showcasing all aspects of life at the track and farm.


Sharing a story from one of their Platinum Business program customers, Chase visited Blue Chip Farms in rural New York. Between slow motion views of pacers going down the track and close ups of the staff at work in the barn, the film crew manages to create an engaging ad that also helps highlight the dedication the crew at the farm have to their horses. Mucking out stalls and typing business expense reports isn’t glamorous, but Tom Grossman of Blue Chip says keeping the horses happy “is something we take great pride in.”


A new trailer for the upcoming Elitloppet races in Sweden playfully “races” a driver and horse throughout the city nearby. Through the subway, down the highway and even through an office hallway the pair speeds through obstacles on their way to the race. In a playful way of saying that the viewer can watch it on TV and feel like they’re in the grandstand, the horse even kicks and damages the TV screen as it races through it onto the track.



We’re curious to see that film crews think of next to bring harness racing to life on the screen. Maybe drone cameras or even one a horse wears?

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