Stallion Interview: Sweet Lou

This is the third part of a new series, “interviewing” horses from some of the top farms around the country to learn more about their life. Sweet Lou made his name on the track, and now people can’t wait to see what happens as he turns his attention to stud life. He comes off another Dan Patch Award winning season, setting a track record for the fastest-ever mile on a five-eighths track at Pocono Downs in 1:47 and to celebrate he even tossed a few hats from that night our way for the Rewards site!

We asked him about what sets him apart and the daily routine at Diamond Creek Farm.

Tell us a little about your personality and what sets you apart from the other stallions on the farm.

Clearly, I am the most recognizable stallion on the farm…I try to be humble about it, but it is true, the public loves me!

Do you have a favorite person on the farm?

I have to be careful about the paparazzi up here, don’t want any pictures of me in the bath or breeding shed getting out on the internet.  Would be a career ruiner. So I’d say my publicist,  Caroline, does a fantastic job making sure only approved and official photo shoot pictures make it on to the social media accounts.

What’s your daily routine like?

I try and keep a low profile here, dont want the other guys to get jealous, but my fans are always tweeting how much they adore me and love me. So I spend a large part of my day trying to keep up with all my social media. It takes awhile to tweet without fingers.

What’s your favorite treat or part of the day?

Anytime anyone brings out a camera. My pose is to die for

What are the best qualities that you pass on to your foals?

I hope they inherit my superstar good looks and photogenic face and of course my speed and durability. Its hard to perform at my level week after week.

What do you miss most about your racing career?

The fans of course. Always have to appreciate the little people. And the winner circle flash photography.

What was the highlight of your racing career?

Minus of course, the limelight, I have to say the TVG final. I went out in a “blaze” of glory (no pun intended).

What is your favorite thing to do to pass the down time between breeding seasons?

In the off seasons I look forward to catching up on my fan mail and writing my autobiography, working title, The Great White Blaze. Maybe I will tag along with my new best friend, A Rocknroll Dance to see the wonders Down Under.

What is on your Christmas list?

Some whiting shampoo and a new trophy case for all my awards. We can stick it right in front of Ponder’s stall.



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