Learning To Bet: Day #8

by Cyrus Rahimi

Today was a beautiful one at the track. Although it was not too crowded, the environment was still upbeat and fun. With my time coming to a close at the track, I wanted to place some bets that I had not tried before. At this point, I feel comfortable with placing almost all the different types of wagers. I particularly like the trifecta, which involves picking three horses. Boxing my trifecta gives me a better chance to win because I pick one horse to win and the three horses that will follow. The box also means that the three horses can finish in any order. On the other hand, a trifecta straight is simply choosing the first three horses in the exact order they finish. Since I typically place trifecta boxes, I decided to go with a trifecta straight. Starting off strong with a trifecta straight, the win paid $55.00. So, that means, when I placed the bet, I said that the five horse would win with the one horse placing and the two horse showing. Saying place is the same thing as saying a horse finished second. The term show is the same idea except with the horse finishing third. Unfortunately, I went cold for the rest of the day missing a trifecta that was worth $503.00 on race five! After the horse I bet on dropped completely out of the race on the last turn, my bet had no chance. I went on losing a trifecta again on race seven.

The wager I was excited about placing was the Pick Four. This involves picking the four winners in four races consecutively. Although the involvement of four races makes it more difficult,I thought it was worth trying. For this wager, I placed a bet for races four, five, six, and seven. For these four races, I chose the five and one in race 4, the nine and seven in race 5, the four and six in race 6, and the five and eight in race 7. I was so close to a big payout but I missed one horse for race 6, unfortunately. I was disappointed that I did not get the wager correct but also somewhat proud of myself for picking three out of the four winners for the pick four. My time at the track is winding down to a close, but I am very proud of how much I have learned and excelled with betting on harness racing. I have also met some great people that I plan on staying in contact with. I look forward to my last day on Friday with the Family Fun Night and Party on the Patio. It will be an action-packed night, hopefully with some winning bets as well. I’m counting on seeing my friends and hopefully being back very soon, maybe even as an owner!

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