Learning To Bet: Day #4

by Cyrus Rahimi

As I walked in today I noticed a whole different atmosphere. The energy was incredible, people were sitting inside yelling at the TV, the people outside by the fence were also going crazy cheering for their horses to win. As I walked in I noticed an Xpressbet table so I walked up to see what the deal was. When I approached they explained to me that this system allowed me to remotely place bets at tracks throughout the United States as well as around the world. As I left that table an MSOA employee gave me a signed Dave Palone hat, also very exciting since he is an excellent driver.
Skimming through the program I bet Dave Palone’s horse across the board, he was 12-1 but I liked the horse for my first wagers of the day. I bet Mike Wilder’s horse across the board too because he also was the favorite at 7-5. I won on Wilder’s horse but made only $5.60 back since I bet $12.
For the next race I decided to bet the two longest shots on the board to show. Jim Pantaleano on American Paparazzi and Brian Zendt with Bergerac were 45-1 and 40-1. Unsurprisingly, I lost but I took a shot at it.
On the 6th race a gentleman named Dave helped me by telling me to bet across the board on the 9 and then a $1exacta 9 over the 3,4,6 7. I also waged the 10 across the board which led to a big win! I won $23.60 so I am back almost to where I started.
I placed one more bet on the 2 horse driven by Brady Brown and won! Looks like my luck is changing. I decided to go meet my parents for lunch and buy.
Kentucky Derby Day is the next till The Meadows races and I can’t wait.
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