Learning To Bet: Day #2

by Cyrus Rahimi

I woke up today excited to come to the track, the feelings of doubt I had walking in the first day were gone. I had the lay of the land now and knew what to look for when I went to the betting counter. I stopped and grabbed a program and proceeded outside while I looked it over.

I ran into a gentlemen I had seen the previous day and asked him to explain the program more thoroughly to me. He turned out to be a horse owner and was extremely knowledgeable when it came to the program. I came in armed with the knowledge of how to read the program fairly comprehensively after surfing the web the previous night and learning about what everything meant. I still had no idea how to make sense of it all in regards to which horse to wager on.

We sat down and he went on to explain how it is important to look at how the driver performs overall and compared it to a batting average in baseball. He said you want to look for drivers with solid win percentages along with how to horses perform through ¼ and ½ mile. I learned that if you have multiple horses that like to go fast at the beginning of the race, they will most likely tire themselves out and a horse that closes well would be a better pick. I then learned how to pick a superfecta and the different ways to box it. I tried making my first superfecta and trifecta bets and again lost.

I am excited for today, after learning so much about how numbers are important when it comes to picking your horses. Who knows,I may be picking a few winners today!  I bought a Wednesday program when I was leaving the track yesterday, so let’s hope I am better prepared.

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