Hoof Beats May 2020


Headed for the Hills
Shotgun Rider has discovered his new calling in endurance riding
by Hope Ellis-Ashburn

Beating the Odds
Several of the sport’s most prolific handicappers offer strategies for success roundtable interviews conducted
by Frank Drucker

Stands Alone
Hawthorne Race Course celebrates its golden anniversary
by Neil Milbert


Profile: Luke Ebersole
On the Rise
Buckeye horseman makes great strides in his budding career
by Jay Wolf

Profile: Elver Hanover
Rock and Roll
Undefeated Elver Hanover prepares for his sophomore campaign
by Rich Fisher

Industry Trends
Call to Post
Can the industry benefit from coordinating post times?
by James Witherite


Horse Care

Standing Innovation
Two universities lead the charge in developing standing PET and CT scanners
by Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Spotlight On: Jeff Zidek
The Meadows’ jack of all trades assumes yet another role as announcer
by Evan Pattak

Shoeing News
Cow Hocked
Conformation also plays a role in how a hoof develops
by Steve Stanley

USTA Focus
2020 Adopted Rule Changes


Watching the Wheels
by Mike Tanner
Keep Going
Harness racing will survive COVID-19

Under Wraps
by Tim Bojarski
Cashing In
Tom Berry was money when money was scarce

Modern Marketing
by Evan Pattak
Rewarding Owners
Owners should receive benefits for their participation

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Starting Lines

In Memoriam

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