Hoof Beats June 2022


The Breed Today
Genetic diversity, abnormalities, and ET for mares
by Kathy Parker

A Horse of a Different Color
A closer look into the rarity of white Standardbreds
by James Witherite

End of an Era
Pompano Park remembered as a place for champions—and championship racing
by Kathy Parker



Now That’s a Set!

Profile: Troy Beyer
Go East, Young Man
A leap of faith is paying off
by James Witherite

Profile: Racine Bell
Unexpected Talent
Filly was initially a slow learner, but now ‘wants to win every start’
by Rich Fisher

Life After Racing
A New Lease on Life
Former warhorse McCabe Hall relishing multi-faceted second career
by Megan Rider

Horse Care
A Dirty Topic
Fundamentals of manure management
by Hope Ellis-Ashburn

Shoeing News
On Bended Knee
A conformation conundrum
by Steve Stanley


The Long View
by TC Lane
Armchair Quarterbacks
Here’s your chance to shine

Under Wraps
by Tim Bojarski
Bedeviling Details
A horse, but of a different breed

Food for Thought
by Tom LaMarra
Uncertainty Still Reigns
Racing commissioners, HISA still navigating the future of regulation

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