Hoof Beats June 2020


Fitness Routine
What impact does interval training have on the sport?
by Kimberly French

Dazzling Duo
Jeff Cullipher and Tom Pollack join forces to reign supreme
by Rose Flood

Harness Racing in Vegas?
If T.J. Bohannon has his way, it will happen
by Evan Pattak


Profile: Peristera and Fleetwood
Sibling Rivalry
Two horses raised together compete against one another on the racetrack
by Melissa Keith

Profile: Norman Short
Life of the Party
Norman Short approaches life and harness racing with delight
by John Sacco

Industry Trends
Hoosier Heaven
Indiana harness racing evolves into an elite program
by Megan Arszman

Life After Racing
Riding High
Leron Hanover takes owner on the trip of a lifetime
by Megan Rider

Spotlight On: Jazmin Arnold
Ohio-based horsewoman reflects on her award-winning season on the amateur circuit
by Rich Fisher

Horse Care

Healthy Hoof, Healthy Horse
Strategic hoof care and intentional nutrition produce sound horses
by Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Shoeing News
Hitting Stride
Hind hoof conformation influences interference in trotters
by Steve Stanley


Director’s Chair
by Joe Faraldo
Steady Advance
Ever cautiously, we are moving forward

Under Wraps
by Tim Bojarski
Reviewing Records
Examining driver and trainer milestones that could be achieved soon

Modern Marketing
by Evan Pattak
Working Together
Tracks and horsemen can collaborate on marketing

Blinkers Off
by James Witherite
A New Normal
Will simulcast coverage remain the same when racing resumes?

Financial Matters
by Normand Fluet Jr.
Ahead of the Curve
How to approach market volatility if you are retired or close to it

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