Hoof Beats January 2020


Who Are the Top 10 Stallions?
Hoof Beats presents the top five trotting and pacing stallions going into 2020
by Ken Weingartner

Hitting the Mother Lode
The Panderosa was just as stellar in his second career as his first
by Dean A. Hoffman

Swift Success
Australian Tahnee Camilleri embarks on American Dream
by Chris Tully


Profile: Wiggle It Jiggleit
Triumphant Return
Wiggle It Jiggleit competes again after nearly three years on the sidelines
by Charlene Sharpe

Profile: Jim Eaton
Not a Clue
Illinois Hall of Famer Jim Eaton never imagined he would become a trainer
by Neil Milbert

Equine Clinic
Rapid Recovery
Southwind Ozzi returns from surgery to the top of his division
by Hope Ellis-Ashburn

Life After Racing
Burning Brightly
Daytime Torch continues to inspire off the racetrack
by Megan Rider

Spotlight On: Alesha Binkley
Alesha Binkley is only just beginning her career in the Buckeye State
by Megan Arszman

Greener Pastures
Goodbye, Greats
Hoof Beats remembers the horses who left us in 2019
compiled by Kimberly French

Horse Care
Beyond the Breeding Shed
Assisted reproductive techniques enable the spread of equine genetics, one stallion at a time
by Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Shoeing News
Soft Support
Addressing hoof support is often not as easy as it may appear to be
by Steve Stanley

2019 Editorial Index


The Long View
by Joseph Faraldo
Standardbreds Stand Alone
The Harness Racing Medication Collaborative forges a new path

Under Wraps
by Tim Bojarski
Greatest Generation
A 102-year-old World War II veteran gets his wish at Plainridge Park

Modern Marketing
by Evan Pattak
Special Events
The best tools to attract new business

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