Hoof Beats December 2018


Deluge at The Downs
Driving rain did not diminish the quality of competition in the 2018 Breeders Crown
by Kimberly French

Out in the Open
Can out-of-competition testing protect horses and racing’s integrity?
by Steve Montemarano

Debunking the Myth of Dan Patch
Was the legendary horse simply the creation of a master promoter?
by Dean A. Hoffman



Profile: So Take That
Lesson Learned So Take That rewards his trainer’s patience to provide first driving win
by Charlene Sharpe

Passing Time
The Immortal Smiling Swede Hakan Wallner’s affable manner and horsemanship place him in Hall of Fame
by Dean A. Hoffman

Life After Racing
A Girl and Her Horse Cheyenne Christman and Hoopie take center stage after his racing career ends
by Kimberly French

Horse Care
Beware of Bisphosphonates Not following manufacturer’s guidelines could place young horses at risk for injury
by Kimberly French

Equine Clinic
Castration Complication Turville Hanover survives rare medical situation after being gelded
by Kimberly French

Shoeing News
Sinking Sole A wet summer and fall could contribute to recessed soles
by Steve Stanley


Watching the Wheels
Looking Ahead What is and what will be in 2019
by Mike Tanner

Under Wraps
Hoosier Power The famed Four Cornered Track cements Indiana’s place in harness history
by Tim Bojarski

Trot Lines
Pipe Dreams Key concepts harness racing should consider for the future
by Bob Marks

Mutuel Feeling
Statistical Stories A race line offers valuable insights into a horse’s finishing position
by Frank Cotolo

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