Fashion Forward for the Hambletonian

by Megan Semulka

Headed to the big race but struggling with what to wear? The Hambletonian is the closest to the Kentucky Derby when it comes to fashion but don’t let that intimidate you. The range of different styles for the race is very wide so you can get away with a few different looks.

For women:
If you want to look like a pro when it comes to horse race attire, a cute dress, big hat, and some shiny but simple jewelry is the way to go. When it comes to the dress, you can go with a simple color and add different hues with the accessories, or vice versa with a vibrant and colorful dress but staying simple with the accessories.
Classic Hambletonian


 For men:
When I think of men’s fashion at a horse race, I think of bright colors with natural silhouettes. Any colors in a pastel shade go great with neutral colors that tie everything together. Matching dress shoes and a belt in either both brown or black calm down the bright colors even more. This look does not have to be so “matchy-matchy” but I prefer that the belt buckle and watch are the same color or finish, whether that is silver, gold or black.
Hambletonian Classic Men


For women:
If you want to be casual but still look fabulous, this look is for you. Some floral shorts with a plain tank or shirt can be great for featuring some accent accessories. The green wristlet makes the leaves on the shorts pop and the navy sunhat pulls all the colors together. Finish off the look with some neutral sandals, gold jewelry, and some stylish shades and you are ready for the races!
Women Casual Hambletonian


For men:
The casual look for men is easy to put together and pull off. Whether you’re into colors or neutrals, a button-down linen shirt or even just a plain t-shirt pairs well with a pair of khaki shorts. A Sperry shoe is usually the best to keep it casual but still attractive. I chose the sneaker for a more comfortable look. Top it off with a pair of shades and a G-Shock watch and you will be comfortable and happy while enjoying the Hambletonian.
Men Casual Hambletonian


For women:
Now, if you really want to keep it casual, jean shorts with a tank and flip flops is your key to success. Everyone’s style and preference is different, so if this is you, rock that tank! Some aviators and a pair of stud earrings are all you need to get the extreme casual look and feel good doing it.
Women Extreme Casual Hambletonian


For men:
The extreme casual look for men can be so comfortable but still look nice, as long as you piece every correctly together. A pair of fleece shorts with a sports t-shirt match well together to stay on the same level as each other in regards to occasion. As long as every part of your “extreme casual” outfit is athletic and matches, you will look great. Top it off with some Nike Free Runs and a baseball cap to shield the sun. You may feel like you’re just lounging around but you’re rocking an athletic, comfy look all while enjoying the Hambletonian.
Men Extreme Casual Hambletonian


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