Epic Journey to the Hambletonian!

T.J. Burkett, editor of Hoof Beats magazine and USTA photographer Mark Hall are taking an “Epic Hambo Journey” from their office in Columbus, Ohio, on Aug. 1 to Hambletonian Stakes Day at Meadowlands Racetrack on Aug.8. For the next eight days, T.J. will share details of their adventure.
Epic Hambo Journey No. 8: Capturing Pinkman’s Hambo win
T.J., Mark and Allison cover Hambo Day 2015 and produced a video recap of the day’s events
Epic Hambo Journey No. 7: Final visit to Showplace Farms
T.J., Mark and Allison visit Steve Elliott at Showplace before it gets shut down
Epic Hambo Journey No. 6: Cruzado Dela Noche, Donatomite and Ake’s trio
T.J., Mark and Allison visit the barns of Nancy Johansson, Trond Smedshammer and Ake Svanstedt
Epic Hambo Journey No. 5: Training Day for Mission Brief and Takter’s five
T.J., Mark and Allison watched as Mission Brief, Pinkman, The Bank, French Laundry, Uncle Lasse and Canepa Hanover got a final Hambo blowout.
Epic Hambo Journey No. 4: Diamond, Darkness, Eagle and Creditor
T.J., Mark and Allison visit Muscle Diamond, Total Darkness, Aldebaran Eagle and Fashion Creditor
Epic Hambo Journey No. 3: Pinkman, Mission Brief and craps
T.J. and Mark add a new member to the traveling media crew when they visit Pinkman, Mission Brief and the Hambletonian draw
Epic Hambo Journey No. 2: Swinging by Blue Chip and the Museum
Before they head to the Hambo, T.J. and Mark visit Chapter Seven and the Cradle of the Trotter
Epic Hambo Journey No. 1: Adios Day
Helmet cams, berry pie and blue-collar trotters highlight Adios Day for Hoof Beats staff
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