Big Carryover To Close Out Pompano Meet

A $36,007 Super Hi-5 carryover is featured as Pompano Park closes out its 126 night racing season on Wednesday night (May 31).

Director of Racing Gabe Prewitt said, “It’s quite fitting that we close out our very successful season with a rousing carryover here — something that should be embraced by all of our loyal fans.

“Who knows, maybe the pool could grow to $100,000 or more for this grand finale, as it offers a very competitive field and a challenge for all handicappers.”

The Super Hi-5 is a 20-cent based wager which usually requires a single winning ticket to claim the top prize. Tonight, however, is different, explained Prewitt.

“Tonight’s entire pool will be divided between all ticket holders with the winning combination, which could turn out to be quite a bonanza for our loyalists.”

Pompano Park’s 2017-2018, 126 night season opens on Oct. 1.


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